Minerva Code List Extensions 

INSPIRE Re3gistry 

To comply with INSPIRE and to facilitate the re-use of classifications used in this project, we have established our own INSPIRE registry. We have registered one code list extension, the Natural Hazard Classification Landslide Extension, and an entirely new code list to classify landslides based on size. New feature types, Abstract Susceptibility Area and Susceptibility Area, which can be found in the Natural Risk Zone Susceptibility schema, have been included in the feature concept dictionary within the registry. The Minerva Re3gistry is a 1.3.1 INSPIRE registry based on the Re3gistry software. The registry service is packaged within a collection of Docker containers and hosted on a local server.

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Landslide code List

INSPIRE extension

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Natural Hazard Classification Landslide 

INSPIRE Code list Extension

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The INSPIRE Natural Risk Zone theme is designed to deal with natural hazard-related data. Given the broad scope of INSPIRE, code lists and application schemas sometimes lack the level of detail necessary for some practical applications, and the Natural Risk Zone theme is no exception. For example, the Natural Hazard Category Value code list includes geological/hydrological hazards, including Flood and Landslide, but the different types of floods or landslides are not specified. For our landslide application in Veneto, we extended the Natural Hazard Category Value code list to include the updated Varnes landslide classification (Hungr et al., 2014). This landslide classification system is widely used in the scientific community to characterize the various types of landslides based on their material properties and failure mechanisms.

Hungr et al., 2014


Landslide Class size code list

New code list

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In addition to extending the Natural Hazard Category code list, we also registered a code list for the size classification of landslides[1]. This code list contains ten landslide size classes based on landslide volume (Jakob, 2005) and descriptions of approximate damage potential. This code list should be used to describe the magnitudeOrIntensity element within the HazardArea feature type found in the INSPIRE Natural Risk Zones Core schema. 

Jakob, 2005

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Code list extensions were structured hierarchically using Minerva’s open access taxonomy creation tool, ACE. 

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