About Us

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Minerva Intelligence Inc. (“Minerva”) is an artificial intelligence company building explainable evidence-based decision-making technologies.

Minerva aims to bring the benefits of artificial intelligence (AI) technology to industries dependent on reasoning with complex technical and scientific data.

We are knowledge engineers using standards to describe, reason, explain and advise.

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Minerva is a public company listed on the Toronto Venture Exchange.  We have recently established a subsidiary company, Minerva Intelligence GmbH, in Darmstadt, Germany.


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Our Mission

To create an ethical and explainable AI platform that empowers the private and public sectors to solve real-world problems.

Our Technology

Our technology combines machine intelligence with human intelligence to reach conclusions faster than possible with humans alone, but with the explanations needed to trust the results.

Our Vision

One day, Minerva will be recognized as a global leader in applying Knowledge Engineering technologies to solving diverse, real-world problems.



Contact Us

301 – 850 W Hastings St, Vancouver BC, V6C 1E1 Canada

+1 604-620-1051