Make the Most of INSPIRE

A landslide application in Veneto, Italy

As part of the 2019 INSPIRE Helsinki Data Challenge, Minerva Intelligence presents an interactive web map built on INSPIRE standards showing landslide susceptibility and hazard

Our Challenge

INSPIRE Helsinki 2019 hosted four data challenges that searched for innovative practical uses of spatial data in the domains of sea, weather, and cities. We participated in the “Let’s make the most out of INSPIRE” data challenge.

The INSPIRE directive is a source of standardized spatial data well-suited for use in cognitive artificial intelligence (AI) systems. Our challenge was to showcase how INSPIRE provides a framework to conduct complex data analysis and share the results in an interoperable and reusable way.

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Our Solution

We developed an interactive web mapping application that shows landslide susceptibility and hazard in the province of Veneto, Italy. These maps fall within the Natural Risk Zone INSPIRE theme, and three different landslide types are represented: debris flows, slides in soil and slides in rock.

We extended the INSPIRE natural hazard classification code list to include a classification of various landslide types and size classes, and the INSPIRE Natural Risk Zone core (NZ-core) schema to include a susceptibility area feature type.

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